What’s Right with Kansas Gov. Brownback’s Tax Cuts

Dave Trabert (Kansas Policy Institute) talks with Travis Brown at the 2015 ALEC Conference in San Diego about what is really going on with the Kansas tax cuts.

The stories that most legislators and media hear out of Kansas are simply not true. Self-employments taxes were once as high as 6% and are now ZERO. This means that hundreds of thousand small business owners in the state can now focus on their payroll instead of paying the government more money in taxes.

People also try and say that Kansas is trailing the national average in job growth as evidence that the tax plan failed. When in fact, because Kansas was trailing the national average was why taxes were reduced in the first place. Cuts were necessary to reduce decades of stagnation to in fact stimulate job growth. From 1998-2012 private sector jobs only grew at 2% in Kansas, while other states grew at 3.6%. Now in the last two years, even though Kansas is still trailing the national average, they are not digging themselves out of a hole and are in a better place to compete with neighboring states.

Evidence from Wealth of States is actually used the Kansas Policy Institute to explain that increasing taxes does not work. States the tax income spend 49% more per resident on services than states that don’t, yet have little to show for it. You cannot spend your way to prosperity. And that’s why we need people like Trabert attending ALEC and leading the pack in explain what the media gets wrong.