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The sequel to the original groundbreaking exposé, Wealth of States, adds to the mounting pile of evidence of which policy choices lead to economic growth. Included is an even more magnified view of – not just state – but city-level taxes and their impact on prosperity. You’ll also find an analysis of how equity prices respond to state tax policies – an often overlooked yet essential tool for properly managing equity portfolios.
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VIDEO: Philip Klein discusses with Stephen Moore why some states succeed where others fail

States are often referred to as laboratories of democracy, so what does the evidence tell us about why certain states succeed economically where other states fail? In the latest edition of the “Dialogue” video series, Philip Klein speaks to Heritage Foundation chief economist Stephen Moore, co-author of the book, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States. Moore delves into the book’s findings on how taxes, energy policy, labor laws and regulations influence economic performance. The discussion also looked more broadly at conservative tax reform in an era in which marginal income tax rates are lower than when Ronald Reagan took office in 1981, when the top marginal rate was 70 percent. Watch the Video...

Some Republican Gubernatorial Hopefuls in Arizona call for Elimination of State Income and Corporate Taxes – Governor Brewer is less than Supportive

Arizona governor Jan Brewer recently announced that she will not be running again in 2014 due to term limits. Arizona law prohibits governors from serving more than two consecutive four year terms. Brewer took over as governor in 2009, when former Governor Janet Napolitano left office to join the Obama administration as Secretary of Homeland Security. Subsequently, her first term fell short of four years. The governor could have mounted a legal challenge to seek another term, but she opted to leave the State House at the end of the year instead. With State Senator Al Marvin now withdrawing from the race , citing a lack of funds, there are now six candidates who will be running in the August 26 Republican primary. While their positions differ widely on a variety of issues including taxes, regulations, Common Core education standards and Medicare expansion, two of the remaining candidates, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett and former businessman Doug Ducey have each stated that if elected, they would incrementally do away with the state income tax and, in the case of Bennett,  corporate taxes as well. Based on documented evidence cited in the books How Money Walks, and Wealth of States, their proposals make sense. After all, other Republican-led “red” states with low to no state income or corporate taxes, along with favorable business regulations, have seen major gains in migrated wealth coming from high tax “blue” states. The results are the expansion of the tax base from new and relocated businesses, and hence more jobs and economic growth. Their plan for making up any revenue shortfall is through implementing a...

NewsMax: Financial Expert Brown: People Moving to States With Low Taxes

Americans these days are more willing to move to a state with no income tax in order to fatten their wallets, financial expert Travis Brown says.“We do have a lot of mobility, and people go where the jobs and the income are,” Brown, CEO and co-founder of Pelopidas, LLC, said Friday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV. “In fact if you look back since 1976, there’s a record number of people who are employed in America that reside in a no personal income tax state. One in five today,” said Brown, author of “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States: How Taxes, Energy, and Worker Freedom Change Everything,” written with Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore and Rex Sinquefield, and published by Wiley. “People who have work are choosing to reside in a state like Texas or Florida. The evidence is there … We have never seen a state tax its way into prosperity.” Brown also urged President Barack Obama to stimulate the economy by dropping proposed tax hikes. “If just the announcement of saying, ‘You know what, I had these intentions. but it’s clear that it’s not stimulating the economy’ … the economy would immediately recognize that as a strong economic signal.” Read Latest Breaking News from...