Ohio is a state trying to turn its economy around.


Rep. Wes Retherford (OH) talks with Travis Brown at the 2015 ALEC Conference in San Diego about trying to change Ohio’s tax policy to invest in workforce development. When you reward people to work with lower tax rates, you see the results.

When Retherford was asked why he was attending ALEC this year he said, “it’s all about jobs and workforce development.”

Bringing jobs and businesses back to Ohio has been no small feat. During Gov. Strickland’s tenure, over 400,000 jobs were lost. Thankfully Gov. Kasich started looking at unemployment benefits, just like Gov. McCrory did in North Carolina.

Accepting large sums of money from the federal government often carries negative consequences. In 2009, North Carolina began borrowing federal money in order to extend unemployment insurance benefits. The amount owed by the Tar Heel State piled higher and higher – until North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory decided to take some proactive, bold steps regarding both debt and taxation. Now, those steps are yielding impressive and encouraging results. This week Gov. McCrory announced that his state’s $2.75 billion debt to the national government has been paid off (and, notably, $2.5 billion of that daunting sum was paid off during Gov. McCrory’s time as governor).

By having job training programs, cutting personal income taxes rate in addition to looking at unemployment benefits, Retherford and Gov. Kasich are getting Ohioans back to work.