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 Wealth of States: More Ways to Enhance Freedom, Opportunity and Growth Kindle Edition

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The sequel to the original groundbreaking exposé, Wealth of States, adds to the mounting pile of evidence of which policy choices lead to economic growth. Included is an even more magnified view of – not just state – but city-level taxes and their impact on prosperity. You’ll also find an analysis of how equity prices respond to state tax policies – an often overlooked yet essential tool for properly managing equity portfolios.

In addition, these pages include in-depth analysis on the effects of school choice and right-to-work legislation. Have you ever wondered why the 2014 and 2016 elections turned out the way they did? This book looks to the states for answers. Wealth of States: More Ways to Enhance Freedom, Opportunity and Growth continues the data-driven story of how state and local government policies shape the economic and political landscape of the U.S.

Why did I, like Dr. Arthur Laffer, move my whole family to Nashville, TN? My children say it best: freedom. The states are the laboratories of democracy. If liberal economic and social policies were so brilliant, California and Illinois would lead the nation. Instead, they are at the bottom.

Capital goes where it’s wanted and stays where it is well treated. As Charles Dickens said in Great Expectations, money is indeed portable property. We fled Illinois one year ago and couldn’t be happier in Nashville. It has fantastic schools, great restaurants, wonderful people, a booming economy and there’s no earned income tax or estate tax as well.

My only regret is that we didn’t move here sooner. My family and I are living proof that taxes don’t redistribute income; they redistribute people, and the data presented in Wealth of States show this to be unequivocally true. Wealth of States is the roadmap, backed up with colorful illustrations and anecdotes, to state growth and prosperity. Every person and family in this nation should pay close attention to what they’re getting in return for their hard-earned tax dollars, and if they feel shortchanged, there are plenty of places where they will be treated well.

– Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of CODE OF CONDUCT

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