Freedom, Free Markets, and Economic Growth


Why did Sen. Bob Onder (MO) attend the 2015 American Legislative Exchange Council Conference in San Diego? He talks to Travis Brown about how it is important to engage with legislators around the country about freedom, free markets, and economic growth.

His home state of Missouri has ranked 49th out of 50th in economic growth over the last 15 years, and he wants to change that static. When competing with other Midwest states for jobs, Missouri is losing to Ohio, who under Gov. Kasich has made significant tax cut gains, and to Michigan, where they have changed the labor laws.

Sen. Onder knows that a variety of tax cuts must be made to keep Missouri competitive. As my co-authors and I discuss in An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States, taxing income and taxing production is detrimental to growth for a state. But thanks to legislators like Sen. Onder working together with new leadership, Missouri has a lot to be optimistic about making structural reform in the new legislative session.