Fox and Friends Saturday 11/15

selected states

Governors stood trial on issues such as tax and spending policies during the November elections.

Today’s appearance on Fox and Friends breaks down the major wins by candidates and incumbents.

A deeper look at our Wealth of States evidence helps explain what messages may have resonated with voters.

In Maryland, the flight out for no income tax Florida helped elect a conservative.  Citing the damage of forty new taxes imposed in the last few years, the incumbent was defeated.

In Kansas, voters stood with Governor Sam Brownback as he zeroed out income taxes for most small business owners.  Voters heard the same goal in Maine and re-elected Governor Paul LePage.

Voters re-elected Governor Walker in Wisconsin and Governor Kasich in Ohio.  Both passed middle income tax cuts during their previous term.

The only red state incumbent Governor that lost was responsible for raising a gas tax.  Voters gave a clear message: they want to keep more take home pay.